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Music has taken a backseat in my life since I joined the workforce. It's the same thing with my friends - we all pretty much started working at the same time - so finding common availability for some good old jamming is often a challenge. Manaha has been dormant for over two months when I posted a photo on Instagram of Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete, using the lyrics of Dawnie's song "Paglakad" as its caption. 
Enter, all ye brave souls
I credited Dawnie for the words by tagging him. He replied, saying we should jam! He even specified a date - October 11 - saying he was free then. Because I badly missed Dawnie and the rest of Manaha, I jumped at the chance! I contacted Gershwin, who then contacted Bok. I also asked him to call Doc Randy to reserve a studio at Pinoy Penguin

On the days leading to the jam, we had a lot of exchanges on Facebook, and the subject of moving up from an acoustic set-up to a full band came up. That's when I decided to reach out to Bid, the drummer of Halik Ni Gringo, to invite him to jam with us. I sent him the demos we made, and luckily for us, he agreed to join! Woot!

From the time I wrote the songs "Kape" (with Joandrea) and "Pag-Amin," I've only had acoustic guitar arrangements in my mind. I really couldn't imagine it with a full band - two guitars, a bass, and drums - so I will admit I had apprehensions when the boys tried to work out an arrangement. But it sounded great, so I was pleasantly surprised! 

Shame we didn't have any decent recording equipment - I really want the world to hear the new and improved versions of the songs! I guess we'll just have to wait for our next gig, then - Manaha, with THE Bid. Haha! :) 

(The night before the jam, I met up with my friend Hannah to catch Johnoy Danao in Route 196. So on the day itself, I woke up really late, and I had no voice! Argh! But it wasn't like we were rehearsing for an actual gig - that afternoon was really just a jam session, so it was okay. Haha!)


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