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I haven't exactly been the best manager for Halik Ni Gringo - my schedule has kept me from attending a lot of their gigs. But I made sure I wouldn't miss the launch of their music video for the single "Would You Never?" at Attraction! Reaction! in Route 196 last October 4. I arrived quite early, as did their drummer, Bid, so I got to hang out with him a bit.

A couple of months before that evening, I asked Bid if he'd be willing to help our band, Manaha, when we do a live recording of our original songs by stepping in as - what else? - drummer (we only have vocals and guitars, so percussion would be a nice touch). I told him bluntly that we couldn't afford to pay him much, and he just asked that I feed him at the end of each practice session, and buy him a pack of cigarettes for every song he has to learn and play. 
Sorry, blurred.
He's awesome like that.

Anyway, during the launch, Bid told me that he wants to start a 80s/90s guilty pleasures cover band, and he wants me to take on lead vocals. Lead vocals! He actually hasn't seen me perform live, but he got to hear me sing already - I sent him the practice session recordings with Manaha. He said he listened to the demos, and that I have a beautiful voice (he said it in Tagalog, actually - I just translated it). He even singled out the song Kape - he said it's his favorite of the bunch. 

His kind words got me squealing like a school girl. On the inside, of course.

I previously talked about being insecure about my singing, and how I tend to be extremely critical of my own voice and ability. So yes, feedback like that from Bid is something I truly appreciate, because it makes me want to keep singing. That night, actually, as I commuted home from Route 196, I was softly singing along to the music I was listening to on my iPod. While in the bus, I was also trying to think of songs I'd like to cover. :)

An 80s/90s guilty pleasures cover band is an exciting project, and I can't wait to get started! We actually got to talk to a possible bassist that night, so we only need a guitarist and a keyboardist. I hope we complete the lineup soon, so we can play already! :)


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