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A couple of months ago, Halik Ni Gringo launched their very first music video for "Would You Never?," the second single from their album The Call of Booty. It was at Attraction! Reaction! in Route 196. I tried to invite Alfred and Franco to the launch, but I didn't expect them to actually show up because Quezon City is quite far from where they live.

Well, it's far from where I live, but it was a special occasion so I had to make an exception. When I asked the band to play at an amateur MMA event last March, Alfred got to watch them for the first time. He instantly liked the group, so I gave him a CD. That copy is somewhere in their home now, either hidden, destroyed, or destroyed and hidden by his son Alo.

So for his birthday, he asked for another copy - one that's signed by the boys! It's a good thing Joaqui, former rhythm guitarist of HNG who moved to Singapore earlier this year, was there for a visit, so I got his signature, too! :)
Thanks, Route 196, for lending me a Sharpie! :)
Back to the video now - Bid told me that they actually have two versions of the video - a censored and uncensored one. Here is the censored one (I think):

Anyway, enjoy the video, and the music, of course!


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