My new tattoos

12:00:00 AM

On my second trip to Dumaguete (the first this year), I got my mother's childhood nickname tattooed on my right wrist. After a while, I decided that I also want my father's childhood nickname and my brother's name there, to complete the family. I'm happy to share that I got the new tattoos done already! Ta-da!
The family is complete! :)
As always, Karla did an amazing job and I couldn't be more satisfied with my new ink. I was supposed to get two more tattoos during that session, actually - fly and leap on my left and right ankles, respectively - but due to time constraints, I opted to just have them done next time (which means I have to include it in my itinerary the next time I fly out to Dumags).

Besides, I'm having second thoughts about those two words. Right now, I'm considering the words leap, love, and leap instead, although I still haven't decided where to get them done.

Cheers to family!


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