Eyes on the prize - or not

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There are days when I feel frustrated that I haven't achieved the goals I've set for myself. Patience is not my strong suit, I'll admit. Sadly, though, I've given up on some of my goals because of that. I don't regret my choices - YET. But I don't ever want to get to that point, so I'm making a few adjustments for the goals I'm going to set.

I'm going to take a different approach in making sure that I achieve them. The usual route is to obsess over the goal, to stay focused and single-minded, which works for some goals and for some people. So far, this has helped me achieve my short- and medium-term goals. For long-term goals, however, being completely focused and single-minded isn't the best way to go.
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Long-term goals, as implied, requires more time to accomplish, and over time, uncontrollable circumstances and other variables could derail one's quest to make the dream real. A person could get disheartened after one too many roadblocks and setbacks, and this could result to giving up.

So instead of obsessing over long-term goals, I'll forget all about them! For each of my goals, I've put together a game plan - a list of habits I need to form, of skills I need to acquire, and so on. I can obsess over the items there one or two at a time. It's like breaking up a big goal into small, easily-attainable parts - perfect for impatient people like myself. :)

I have five long-term goals for myself. And with my game plan, it's time to "forget" these goals and take things one day at a time. :)


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