FTF / Beautiful Cebu - part 2

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I enjoyed the first night of my Cebu City Tour thoroughly, but the following day was even more amazing! Chari really did pull all the stops! I opted to skip the almost mandatory lechon tripping, since I was able to do that the first time I flew to the Queen City of the South. So Chari and her boyfriend Rick took me to places I've never been to, starting with Lantaw, a restaurant atop a mountain (or was it just a hill? Hmmm…). Like Dolce, the place has a very nice view of the city. The food was absolutely yummy!
Lunch view!
Loved this! :)
After lunch, we had coffee in Delice, a newly-opened cafe that also had an amazing view that I got to soak in as I sipped on my afternoon brew. The place was just so quiet and peaceful, so I whipped out my trusty journal and fountain pen and started to write (I wrote a letter to Mom, too!). Chari put on her photographer hat, and I became the subject as I furiously jotted down word after word after word.
Afternoon delight
(photo by Chari Tan)
Pen and paper
(photo by Chari Tan)
Coffee view
(photo by Chari Tan)
We left Delice before 4pm, and we headed back to the city to visit some heritage sites. I finally got to see Magellan's Cross! I have to say I was a bit surprised that it was quite small - all the postcards I've seen have led me to believe that it was huge. Before that, we went to the Sto. Nino Cathedral. I wanted to see the Sto. Nino, but the line was way too long! I still got to look at it from afar, and from where I stood I uttered a short prayer of thanks for the incredible trip. 
Line was too long. :(
Magellan's Cross
Candle prayers
Before dinner, we took a quick stop at SM City Cebu because Rick wanted to go to a car show (Chari and I just grabbed seats in one corner while Rick walked around, happily staring at the cars on display, haha!). We also looked for a place where I could spend the evening, and I settled in Jasmine Pension House. Dinner was at Larsian, a barbecue spot in the city. Since I'm generally deprived of seafood in Manila, I didn't pass up the fresh and cheap fish and squid, grilled to my liking! Edwin the Merman, who brought me to Moalboal the following day, joined us for that meal - my last in Cebu City for this trip.
My favorite!
Inihaw for dinner! :)
Yummy! :)
Thank you, Cebu City! You were wonderful! :)


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