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Okay, so I've been to Dumaguete thrice in my lifetime, but each time I'm there, I still get to try/see/visit/experience something for the first time. It's such a wonderful city, and I'm sure that the next time I find myself there, I'll still have a lot of firsts! On my third trip, I got to play tour guide to fellow Manilenas who were there for a night, on the way home from Siquijor (I also toured Frank, come to think of it!). It was my second time to check in at Harold's Mansion along Hibbard Avenue, but unlike the June trip when I stayed in my own room (that my friend Jerry paid for entirely), I got me a bed in the girl's dorm room.
Great place! :)
I'm on Bed 8 
Dormmates for an evening! :)
A favorite :)
I love staying in Harold's because it's well-maintained, and there's round-the-clock security. A typical Pinoy breakfast of pan de sale and coffee, and hot chocolate and kakanin is free from 6am to 10am. The food in the in-house cafe is cheap and yummy, and my favorite item on the menu is their ham sandwich on a baguette - it's the first thing I ordered when I got to Dumaguete from Cebu! :) Food is served on their rooftop cafe and chill spot, and I love hanging out there before hitting the sack.

Our hosts John and Gayle brought us to Dauin as soon as Franco landed, so he got to try the awesomeness that is Berto's Lechon, after which we took a boat to Apo Island. The couple picked us up in the afternoon, and on the way back to the city, we stopped by Atmosphere Resort in Dauin. The place was absolutely luxurious - I wish I could stay there! John told us that Julia Roberts and her family stayed there last summer. Not sure if it's true, but it's not impossible.
Coffee view
Lush green
Good brew
This is probably lovelier at night. :)
After an entire morning of swimming with sea turtles and of looking at colorful coral reefs, it was great to just sit down, relax, and sip a wonderful cup of coffee. I had my usual Americano, which they served with a yummy little biscuit. I'm a coffee lover so I have to say that theirs was a good brew, made even better by the wonderful view of the beach. :) I wish we could've stayed there for the night - the villas were really nice and I would have loved to lie down on the sand to look at the stars!
In different languages
Oreo Bonanza! :)
Anyway, another new thing in Dumaguete was Gabby's Bed and Breakfast in Daro, near Pure Muscle Gym, where I had my first official jiu-jitsu lesson, and Mahogany Place, where I got my tattoos done by Karla. Although it's owned by the same guy behind Gabby's Bistro, the menu's different. As the name implies, they serve breakfast meals all day, so of course I had my favorite tapsilog! Haha! This was followed by the amazing Oreo Bonanza, which I split with Frank.

I still have a lot of places to visit in Dumaguete, so I'm sure I'm going back there next year or the year after that. Topping my list are Casaroro Falls, Twin Lakes, and Bais for the dolphins! :)


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