FTF / Ramen run - Paranaque leg

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While Erra's Ramen remains one of my favorite post-workout meals - it's the only place open by the time we finish training at BAMF MMA Center - it has officially been replaced as my favorite ramen joint when I got to try Mensakaba Geishu in BF Paranaque! It was Alfred who discovered the place, and he brought me and Franco there separately. 
Ramen bar!
The ramen, itself, was awesome, but the best part about this place is the asparagus wrapped in bacon! Yes, BACON. It was delicious, and it paired perfectly with my staple shoyu ramen.It's more expensive than Erra's Ramen, but it's cheaper than the likes of Yushoken or Urameshi-ya
Love it!
Mensakaba Geishu is owned an operated by an elderly couple. The husband is Japanese, and he's the one who does the cooking. It's a small place that can only fit about ten to fifteen people at once, and there are times when they have to close early because they run out of ingredients. Some people find that disappointing, but I find it reassuring - that only the freshest ingredients are used for my food.

If you're ever in Paranaque, drop by Mensakaba Geishu! It's located at the corner of Aguirre and Lopez Avenue in BF Homes. Enjoy! :) 


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