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After shooting the Ellen Adarna Exercise Video in Fitbox in September last year, I made a promise to go back to Fitbox for a real workout! It took me over a year to actually do it, but I finally did - and let me tell you, the body pain was worth it! :) My ANI orgmate, Ate Joanne, hooked me up for a free trial! I was supposed to do Muay Thai, but at the last minute, I decided to do boxing instead. I went on a Monday, and I dragged Franco with me because he said he needed a "light recovery workout" after winning a Gold and a Silver at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu All Submissions Open the Saturday prior.
Ate Joanne!!! :)
He had to pause for a moment because Manny Pacquiao was on TV.
Coach Lemuel was assigned to me for my trial, and he really made me work for it! After a couple of rounds on the bag, and a couple more on the ring, I also had to do circuit training. He told me he was supposed to make me do more, but my body was already giving way so he decided to end the workout a bit early. I didn't really get much sleep the night before, plus I had a long and stressful day at work, so I wasn't exactly in the right state for an intense workout. (EXCUSES!!!) But whatever - I loved every minute of the workout!
Happy tired!
Although I'm not picky when it comes to facilities, I have to admit that I appreciated working out in a nice gym. There's no air conditioning, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all because they have good ventilation. They have a boxing ring (well, duh), several bags (again, duh), treadmills and stationary bikes, and weights. Aside from complete equipment, Fitbox also has personal bathrooms (with big showerheads, yay!)  - which is a big thing for people who are particular with their privacy. :)
Coach Lemuel
Nice ring!
I won't be enrolling in Fitbox anytime soon because I need to focus on one sport for now. But I'm sure that on very stressful days, I will want to hit something - and in those times, you just might find me here! It's located in Rufino 100 Plaza (corner of Dela Rosa and Rufino) - near my office and my condo, so it's very convenient for me to just drop in on Ate Joanne, Coach Lemuel, and Coach Mars (who looks like Manny Pacquiao)! :)


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