HFT / Healthier, fitter, stronger 2015

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The goal for the next year is to become healthier, fitter, and stronger. With the exception of monthly (and extremely painful) girly visits, I've actually grown less sickly since I first engaged in martial arts, and although I'm happy about that, I know there's still plenty of room for improvement. 

To achieve this, I've put together a regular workout plan that balances boxing, jiu-jitsu, running, and total conditioning.
Here's the schedule:

Monday** - Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Deftac Makati
Tuesday - Boxing at Elorde Makati
Wednesday - Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Deftac Makati
Thursday - Boxing at Elorde Makati
Friday - 30-minute recovery run
Saturday - Shark Tank at BAMF MMA Center
Sunday - Rest

**May be substituted with basketball for the first part of the year, as I'm now part of a team playing in the Ateneo Basketball League. WHUT. Haha!

Given my work schedule, I know it's impossible to really do this all the time. But for as long as work does not get in the way, this will be the schedule I intend to follow religiously. :) Wish me luck, folks! :) 


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