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I live in Makati, and the training hub of the Deftac chapter here is a two-minute walk from my condo. I like training in BAMF MMA Center because (1) the mat area there is huge, (2) I have the option to box on red days when jiu-jitsu is not an option, and (3) most of my friends are there - we usually have a post-workout meal, either in Erra's Ramen or somewhere in BF.

Staying up until the wee hours of morning wasn't a problem when I was still doing freelance work, but now that I'm back in the 9 to 5 world, I need to be in bed earlier so as not to be late for work. That being said, the most practical thing to do now is to train in Makati instead of BAMF.
I've only trained there once, although I've been there more than that - I bought my gi from Mimig, the chapter head. When I went there for training, I was accompanied by Franco - and because I was a beginner (I still am, actually), he made me do drills on the side, away from the rest of the class. Hopefully, the next time I'm there, I could actually join the rest of the group.


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