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I was in Rockwell with my officemates for a work thing a few weeks ago, and it was decided that we were going to have lunch in Press Cafe in Fully Booked. We gave our orders and then went around the mall. I, of course, spent all my time in the bookstore. I looked at planners for next year (I have my eye on the Moleskine Peanuts Daily Planner), bestsellers, magazines, and finally, sports. I was hoping they'd have titles on jiu-jitsu, but there weren't any.

Two books caught my eye. One was written by BJ Penn, and the other by Forrest Griffin - both are world-class MMA fighters who compete in the UFC. Since I got brought into the world of mixed martial arts last March, I've made an effort to educate myself on the sport little by little. I've grown quite passionate about it, but aside from that, I actually need to learn it for the company I'm starting with five of my friends - a promotion for MMA and BJJ. 
I wasn't really thinking of buying anything that day, but I ended up walking out of the store with a copy of BJ Penn's Why I Fight. I chose that over Griffin's book because of his background in jiu-jitsu, which is the latest sport I'm trying out. It's not exactly a jiu-jitsu book - as the title implies, it's an about the author's fighting journey, and that's what really piqued my interest. I want to understand what drives a person to get into a sport often dismissed by more conservative people and societies as senseless violence. 

As I'm writing this post, I'm only two chapters in, but I'm liking what I'm reading so far. It's not a work of literature, but it's a good book. And I'm hoping that when I'm done with it, I'll not only understand why BJ Penn chose his path, but also why I chose mine. I'm sure that what drives me is different from Penn's, and for the record, I don't intend to get into the cage. But I am still part of the fight world, and I will admit that there are still days when I find myself wondering why I'm here. 

Maybe this book will help me realize the greater purpose behind my being in MMA. 


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