MW / Gringo rocks the riles!

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Every day for two years, I took the Metro Rail Transit to get from home to work and back home when I still worked in SMX. This daily grind really contributed to my getting burnt out, so after that job, I vowed to live near where I work, so I wouldn't have to take the train to get to the office. These days, I walk to work, so I actually haven't taken the train in months! It took a Halik Ni Gringo gig to break that streak.
Let's sing Merry Christmas!
Halik Ni Gringo was one of the bands that joined RockEd Philippines' Rock the Riles 2014. They were assigned to Cubao Station, and their set started a little past 3pm, after the National Anthem was sung across all stations where there were bands playing. They played Release the Golden Eggs, NASA I Have A Problem, and CHRISTMAS IN OUR HEARTS. Yes, friends, you read that right - the boys covered Jose Mari Chan! It was awesome! :)

Thank you, Laya and Mars and the rest of RockEd Philippines for having us!


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