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I hate going to Quezon City. Ever since I moved to Makati over a year ago, I've only been to QC twice. I hate the commute and the traffic, often made worse by the unpredictable weather. I decline most invitations to go there, but when my good friend, blockmate, thesis mate, and Dumaguete neighbor-to-be Hannah asked me to watch Ebe Dancel's gig in Conspiracy with her, I couldn't say no. After all, I haven't seen her in about a year.

We actually ended up not watching Ebe. Earlier that day, I found out through my Facebook feed that Johnoy Danao was performing in Route 196 along Katipunan Avenue Extension. Since we met up in Katipunan, where we both lived for four wonderful years when we were in college, and from there we opted to skip Ebe and go for Johnoy instead. And we didn't have any reason to regret it.
Photo op! :)
Although I'll admit we spent a lot of time talking (we had a year's worth of experiences to recap, you know), we still got to do a lot of listening, and man - Johnoy is just wonderful. He's one of the most soulful performers I've ever had the privilege of hearing live, and I instantly became a fan. He played a mix of original songs and covers. I liked his "Sunday Morning" (Maroon 5), while Hannah took notice of his "Tadhana" (Up Dharma Down).

At the end of the evening, Hannah and I couldn't help ourselves - we fangirled (yes, I'm using it as a verb, haha!) and had our photos taken with him! He's a nice guy - he gamely posed with everyone who wanted a picture, even after two long sets! He even talked to us for a bit, thanking us for coming to the show. 

I'd like to watch more of his gigs in the future - I hope work won't always get in the way!


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