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I'm quite picky with music. I love jazz, blues, and rock, and I appreciate some EDM and hip-hop. I'm not particularly fond of pop and novelty songs and sappy ballads, and I have a very specific dislike for mainstream Pinoy rap, so I was very surprised at how much I liked Ron Henley's "Biglang Liko" when Alfred's wife Kat played it in the car one random afternoon, on our way to Alabang.
Nice album cover!
(image from the internet)
The song isn't really new, but I only heard it this year. I asked Kat for the title so I could download it on my phone, and it's become my go-to song for my morning walk to the office. What I love about the song is that it's catchy, fun, and light. Alfred told me it's actually about sex, and he even gave me the back story that I don't think I'm allowed to share on this blog. Haha!

In case you've not heard it yet:

Enjoy! :)


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