Ode to the travel year

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This year has been nothing short of amazing for me. It started a bit rough, and throughout the year there were still a number of rough patches, but as a whole, the year has been very good to me, mainly because of all the old and new places I got to visit. My first stop was Boracay. I went with Ed to join JM and the rest of the Beyond Events team. I've been there before, but on my second visit, I got to try parasailing!
Magic Island! :)
It was a bit scary at first, but when I got used to the height, it felt amazing. It was a great experience and I'm grateful that Ed gave me the push I needed to spend a little extra to give it a try. We also went island hopping, and in Magic Island, we both jumped into the sea, off a board fifteen feet up.
Rizal Boulevard
I re-visited Dumaguete in June, and just like my first time there, leaving was so difficult that I found myself crying on the plane. Jerry hosted my entire stay, and I'm very, very grateful. I made new friends and got to see old ones. I got to eat good food on a tight budget, and I also got to go to Malabo Waterfalls, Red Rock Hot Spring, and Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort for the first time.
ACC 2014 Team
Lap of luxury
Fancy a dip? :)
That same month, I also went to Cebu for a day trip, as part of the preparation for the ACC 2014. It was my first time there, and although the places I got to see were limited to those relevant to the event, I still had a great time. I flew home in the evening - my first night-time flight, and I found myself in awe of the city lights from my plane window.
Party of four
For August, the destination was Zambales for Franco's birthday weekend. It was a much-needed break from the toxic preparations for ACC 2014. I tried to surf and failed miserably, which is fine because the highlight of the trip was the non-stop laughter! And oh, the jiu-jitsu lessons by the beach!
Cebu letter
Over half of September was spent away from Metro Manila. I flew to Cebu for ACC 2014; I spent a week holed up in Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa, working until the wee hours of morning, praying each day for the weekend to come. And when it finally did, the first thing I did was to swim, in the pool, and in the sea, of course!
My host, Chari! :)
My friend Chari gave me a grand tour of Cebu City before sending me off to Moalboal. There I swam with millions and millions of sardines, and the day after, I swam with a bigger kind of fish - the whale shark - in Oslob! And before I headed to Dumaguete, I visited Tumalog Waterfalls.
Apo Island
Franco joined me in Dumaguete, where I gave him a tour of all the wonderful places I've visited before - including Oslob. No matter how many times I visit, the island never ceases to be wonderful, and as I always do, I had the time of my life. I even got to train in jiu-jitsu while I was there. 
Holy Spirit Convent
Deftac Davao! :)
When I returned to Manila, I started a job in advertising. I thought Dumaguete would be my last stop for the year, but to my surprise, I got sent to Davao and General Santos on my third week! Since it was for work, I didn't get to see much of those two places, but that didn't stop me from enjoying my stay there. In Davao, I got to train with the local Deftac chapter, and in General Santos, I got to visit PacMan's gym! 
Open space
Best find!
PacMan! :)
I don't know if I'll have another stop before the year is over, but I do know that by February next year, I'm headed back to Boracay for my friend Pauline's wedding to the love of her life, John. And months after that, I'm packing my bags again to disappear for three weeks in Mindanao with the two Hannahs that I love dearly. :)

Thank you, 2014. 


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