The smell of flowers

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When I still lived in Eastwood City, I would sometimes take a jeepney to Cubao at the wee hours of morning to visit the flower market. There's something I find particularly comforting about being in a quiet place where my eyes feast on an explosion of vibrant colors and my nose takes in the wonderful smell of flowers with the cool air. Everything about the experience calms my soul the same way a trek in the forest or a swim in the beach does.
Instant lift. :)
(Some friends have reprimanded me over this, telling me it's not safe. One even accused me of having a blatant disregard for my personal safety. For the record, I'm not trying to get myself hurt or killed. It's just not as nice to there during the day as it at night- there are way too many people. That, and it's too hot to really enjoy the flora.)

After moving to Makati, my trips to the flower market have decreased significantly, but I still go whenever I get a chance. Living in a concrete jungle has made me very appreciative of small, beautiful encounters with nature. It's a getaway of sorts - going to the beach or the mountains isn't really something I can do as often as I'd like - a much-needed therapy for my soul.


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