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The second destination in my Mindanao research adventure for an advertising client is General Santos. I'll admit I didn't get to do as many things as I wanted in Davao, and for that reason, I really made it a point to explore General Santos. Luckily for me, I was asked to do an impromptu trade check, which meant that I really had to go around the city.

Being a freshly-minted boxing practitioner (I don't think I deserve to be called a boxer just yet), the first thing I sought out was Manny Pacquiao's boxing gym! It was clean and well-maintained, and they have the latest equipment. I was tempted to ask for a day session, but I didn't really have time for training.
Super nice gym
Best Label EVERRRR
Chasin' waterfalls
I walked around the city and I scoured wet markets and supermarkets and convenience stores to check out any sales and promotions efforts of my client brand's competitors. Inevitably, I found some quirky merchandise in the shelves - stuff I couldn't find in Manila - and Chinese wine is one of them. The labels are so funny! :)

Food's better in GenSan than in Davao, and cheaper, too! :) Of the places we ate in, two places stood out - Ranchero Nuevo, which served the yummiest ribs ever, and Tiongson Arcade, which brought me to seafood heaven with unbelievably generous portions of tuna. And speaking of tuna, I got to buy a sh*tload of the fish (frozen) and bring it home. Woohoo!

I promise I'll come back to GenSan (and Davao as well) soon, and next time, it won't be for work - and at the moment, those two items are already in the itinerary for our Great Mindanao Adventure 2015! :)


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