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After the first successful event (whee!!!) of Triumvirate Fighting Championship in Baker Hall of University of the Philippines-Los Banos, Alfred, Franco, Jeboy and I had a very, very late dinner with Myron, Bryce, and one of the fighters (can't remember his name, sorry!) in Bao Bistro, a Chinese restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque, before heading on home.

I was incredibly hungry by the time we got there, so I was really grateful for the speedy service.  We ordered a lot of food - yang chao fried rice, hakaw, noodles, stir-fried pork, vegetable dimsum - and we actually didn't finish everything. Because they offer dimsum at 20% off at that hour, we went wild and ordered all the hakaw they had left. Haha!
Veggie Roll
Beef Wanton
Yang Chow
Pork something
The food was soooooo good; I ate so much that I could barely walk after. Haha! But I don't regret it, and I'm sure neither did the guys. Apparently, bao means "full" in Chinese, and yes, that's exactly how I felt when we were done. Prices are friendly, made even friendlier by the discount, and for all that we ate, I think our bill ran up to only Php3,000 or so.

Bao Bistro is a nice, clean place, and I like that they're open until late. :) One time, after training, Frank and I brought Alfred here for soup - he had fever and Erra's Ramen was too far out. Haha! Anyway, if you're ever in BF and you're looking for Chinese comfort food, Bao Bistro's definitely a restaurant worth trying. :)


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