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If there's one thing I love about working out, it's the guilt-free eating that comes right after! Haha! When I train in BAMF, Franco usually drives me home, but before that, we take a quick detour to Malate for Erra's Ramen. But man does not live on ramen alone, so sometimes we go to Kanto King or Atoy's or Sinangag Express in BF, mainly because they're open until late.
(photo by Franco Rulloda)
Alfred and his Pyrex of iced tea
But one of my favorite non-ramen post-workout meal stops in Secret Shop. Owned and operated by our friend Bryce Vestre (who's a badass MMA dude, too!), this home-turned-DOTA place-turned-restaurant serves the best chicken in all of Paranaque! :) Bryce, himself, does the cooking, and he serves nothing but home-cooked goodness!
Busog! :)
And for a mere Php150, you get a cup of garlic rice and a veggie side dish to go with the yummiest chicken in town! By the way, he doesn't serve just chicken - you can order sisig, bangus, liempo, salisbury steak, or T-bone steak, too - I just always go for the chicken (maybe some day I'll grow wings from all the poultry I've been eating). On some days, he also serves salmon. :)
Maybe this will help you find the place. Hihi
Secret Shop is located in Unida Street in Baclaran, Paranaque. I'd give you directions if I actually knew how to get there without Franco and Alfred. Haha! So until I learn my way around that area, feel free to use Google Maps. Trust me, it's worth looking up! :)

*Props to Myron Mangubat for bringing us here! :)


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