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I can't remember the exact date, but I'm certain it was a holiday when Franco set a meeting with Cheska, the lovely lawyer helping us with the incorporation of Triumvirate Fighting Championship. A part of me hated that I had to work on a holiday, but because it was a passion project, I of course made an exception. 
Divine! :)
We met up in Kitchen 56 by Earth Kitchen, a new restaurant along Jupiter St. in Makati City (at the time of our visit, they were still on their soft opening). They serve good, clean, and healthy dishes that are crafted to showcase organic and natural produce, which is the livelihood of marginalized farmers under the care of Got Heart Foundation.
Frank and I both ordered the beef kebab, and minutes after we were served, every little bit of the dish just magically disappeared! Haha! After the meal, Cheska insisted (not that she needed to) we try their ice cream, made with carabao's milk. It was so good, it would have knocked my socks off if I were wearing any! :P

And the best part is I felt really great about what I ate - not only did I consume good calories, I also got to help farmers in different communities all around the country. As I'm not yet in a position to give to the charities that support causes I personally believe in, I appreciate businesses that make it possible for me to contribute to change.

Props to Got Heart Foundation! :) Visit Kitchen 56 by Earth Kitchen at 56 Jupiter St., Makati City and enjoy good food while giving back. :)


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