Fweeeeee at last - part 1

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My mother was diagnosed of lymphoma in June 2010, and in October of the same year, she succumbed to the disease. It was a five-month battle that didn't come cheap, but because a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people absolutely LOVED my mother (as anyone who really knew her would), we got a lot of financial help to sustain her treatment.

Despite the aid from family and friends, it was still a struggle to make ends meet at the time - chemotherapy is not cheap. I took out personal loans from various sources and I also maxed out my credit cards to ensure that she got the treatment she needed and deserved. As it turns out, she was already beyond saving, but I don't regret trying.
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The treatments left me in debt - huge debt, at that. I considered selling my condo to settle the debt, but I decided to keep it because it was an investment that was paying for itself. I also thought about cancelling my life insurance policies and just use the premiums to pay off debt, but I kept at it because I didn't want to screw up long-term plans to fix a short-term problem.

What I made in the office at that time was no longer enough to cover my regular expenses and my debt, so I shopped around for other job opportunities that offered a bigger salary. In doing so, I also stumbled upon freelance work that I could do on top of what I made from my day job.

From then on, I've become a professional racketeer. For the longest time, I had the employee mindset that if I want something, I have to save a portion of my income for it. I'm not saying that that doesn't work - because it does - but the better mindset is this: If I want something I can't afford, I have to expand my income.

To be continued...


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