Fweeeeee at last - part 2

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As a professional racketeer, it's very important to capitalize on and at the same time invest in whatever talents I have. I take on writing jobs like brochures, websites, and scripts for videos and events, and to keep growing as a writer, I read a lot. I accept singing gigs for weddings and corporate events, and to improve, I make sure I sing everyday, even just in the shower.

But in addition to skill, a professional racketeer must have a big network, and that's what I'm constantly trying to build. I'm lucky that I got to meet a lot of people along the way, a number of whom I've had the chance to work with on several projects. A tip: Don't be afraid to go out, meet people, and sell yourself a little. It also helps to have friends who will sell you, haha!
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I owe Jerry a lot - because of him, I met JM, Mark, and Wills, who then introduced me to Lala and Lendro - these introductions, with casual mentions of my so-called talents, have led to a truckload of writing projects that have kept me afloat for more than half of the year. And from the work I've done for them, they recommended me for other gigs as well.

I'm just as grateful to Alex, who introduced me to Wesley and Raffy - the two eggheads I worked with for the Ellen Adarna Exercise Video. They've tapped me for other projects (including one for Wesley's sister's jewelry business), too! (We're thinking of producing another viral hit for 2015, wish us luck!)

While I earned a little extra from different rackets, I kept my lifestyle low-key: I rarely eat out, I cook my own food, I do my own laundry, I clean my own condo, I walk to work, I brew my own coffee (big savings right there!), and I avoid cabs if there's a cheaper means of transportation available. This allowed me to cover all my regular expenses while I'm paying off debt.

It took me a while to settle everything because I refused to deprive myself of travel, books, and other small luxuries - I refused to let debt drive me crazy.

To be continued...


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