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One random evening in November, I was walking from the office to Ayala Avenue to meet up with Franco, so we could go to Fight Factory-Greenhills together. I was feeling exceptionally exhausted from work that day, but a part of me still wanted to train just to release some tension (and anger, haha!). But to get to Ayala Avenue, I passed by Palanca Street in Legaspi Village - and when I saw Hagod Spa and Nail Care, well, the plan changed. (HAHA, sorry Frank!)

I used to think that massages were a luxury, and that I shouldn't be wasting my hard-earned money for a back rub. But when I started working, massages have become an integral part of my routine, and I make sure that I set aside some cash each month for some well-deserved R&R. It's a small price to pay for my well-being - nay, for my sanity: studies show that a good massage can ease away anxiety and stress, on top of easing muscle pain.
Stairway to heaven. 
But not all massages are created equal, and neither are spas. I got to experience treatments in various spas of varying price ranges, and hands down, Hagod Spa and Nail Care is a big favorite. Not just for the bang for the buck, but because of the consistency of their service. With other establishments, I have to remember the name of the good therapists so I can request for them next time I visit.

In Hagod Spa, I get the same service regardless of who's available to give me the massage - so I only have to remember their names for when I give their tips! Haha! :) I've recommended the place to a number of friends, including fashion and lifestyle blogger Ava Te-Zabat, who visited with her husband, Gershwin, and some of my friends in DEFTAC - and every single one of them loved the place.

Can't wait for my next visit! :)


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