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12:00:00 AM

I apologize for the title. I couldn't resist.

Anyway, as part of my education in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, for the business and for myself, I downloaded an app called BJJ Flow. My work schedule often gets in the way of training, so I had to find other ways to learn. So one time during post-prod work, I made full use of the WiFi at WeLovePost - I scoured Google Play Store for BJJ apps and found BJJ Flow.
The app is a wonderfully organized catalogue of top and bottom positions, submissions, passes, sweeps, recoveries, escapes, takedowns, drills, and even tips! The app links you to YouTube videos of tutorials and demonstrations for every imaginable move. So whenever I have WiFi (my "unlimited" data plan isn't all that unlimited after all) access, I watch as many clips as I can! :)

While there's no substitute for actual training, I really need to find a way to work around my schedule. Thank God for technology! :)


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