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Some time last October, I found myself in Ortigas for a meeting with one of my clients. It was scheduled at 2pm, and we left quite early to avoid traffic that didn't exist, so the team agreed to kill time at The Podium. After walking into and out of several shops without buying anything (I forgot my wallet - on purpose, haha!), I found myself in Sky Fitness.

Maricar was the consultant there, and she told me about the gym and what they offer. Unlike other places where you just show up and start lifting weights on your own (and hope that you're doing it right), you have to set an appointment for personalized instruction, and your trainer will design a program for your specific needs.
Coach Cay
Gear again
Everyday strong!
I was scheduled for a trial workout, which I went to right after watching Halik Ni Gringo play at Rock the Riles 2014 in Cubao Station (fun set, guys!). My trainer for the afternoon was Coach Cay, and before the actual workout, he evaluated my physical fitness to determine my level. While I had the right weight for my height, I had to get rid of fat and develop more lean muscle.

My posture was generally okay, save for a slight tilt to my left shoulder (which, according to Coach Cay, is a bit odd because my dominant hand is my right), and a mild protrusion of my head (which I attribute to bad eyesight and too much reading). I was told I had good form for squats (thanks for the drills, Franco!), but that I had a weak core (true!).

Coach Cay asked me what my fitness goals were. Although I often joke that I want to be sexier, that's actually not my main reason for wanting to work out - I want to be healthier and stronger than I am now. I want to fix my posture and balance problems, and I also want to do better at jiu-jitsu through proper conditioning.

With those goals in mind, Coach Cay customized a routine that would help me develop my core strength. Everything he made me do was backed up by science, and being a bit of nerd, I appreciated the impromptu lessons on human kinetics as much as I did the workout, itself, haha! He watched me closely and pointed out what I did wrong on the spot.

By the end of it, I was spent, but I loved it! Before I headed on home, I took a luxurious hot shower. I love that their bathroom was very clean. They even had toiletries like shampoo and liquid soap (which is great because I didn't bring any, haha!), and they also gave me a fresh towel. That's why Maricar told me that all I really had to bring was myself, and a change of clothes.

Sky Fitness has two branches - one in Palanca St. in Makati, and the one in The Podium where I worked out. If like me, you want a stronger, fitter, and healthier you for 2015, I suggest you enroll here as soon as you can! :)


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