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My jiu-jitsu training in 2014 was sporadic at best. I could blame my busy schedule (especially in December), but I can't keep using that as an excuse - I know people who are probably just as busy, yet they find time for it. This is a challenge for me to manage my time (and my energy and my stress levels, too) better.

I love going to BAMF MMA Center, but since I'm not a freelancer anymore, it's not very practical to train there. The best choice for me is quite obvious - DEFTAC Makati, which is literally a five-minute walk from my condo. The classes start at 8pm, which gives me just the right amount of time to walk from work to training (the walk, itself, is a good warm-up) - granted, of course, that I don't have to extend my time in the office.

The fee is Php3,000 for 12 classes consumable over a period of two months. The schedule in Makati is from Monday to Thursday, 8PM to 1030PM (no gi on Tuesdays). Joel told me that it used to be good for one month only, but since the Makati chapter is comprised mainly of white collars with unpredictable schedules, they decided to extend it as consideration to their students.

Although my decision to enroll is mainly driven by my desire to become stronger and healthier, and for the business, a small part of me is considering joining a competition. One random evening in December, I was talking to Alvin Aguilar (founder and head of DEFTAC Pilipinas and of the URCC) regarding a deal I was trying to broker for the promotion, and before we ended the exchange, he told me to stop smoking so I can train and become a competitor.

I think he's only ever seen me on the mats once, and a twelve-year-old kid was beating the living shit out of me, so yes, that message was encouraging. I'll admit I'm toying with the idea of competing, but I refuse to let it get to me - maybe I'll get there, maybe not - but for now, I'll just enjoy and make the most of each class I get to attend.


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