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One morning in December, on our way to our last TVC shoot for 2014, my officemate Gabby and I shared a common service van that brought us from our respective homes to the studio. In that short trip, we had a discussion about religion (kinda heavy for 7am, but whatever). That talk prompted this post.

I was born and raised Catholic. Growing up, I heard Mass weekly, and I prayed the Rosary and the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help every single day, before the start of the class. In high school, I was even part of a Catholic-Charismatic community's Music Ministry. I earned my Bachelor's Degree after four years in a Catholic university.

As I grew older, though, I have lost touch with my Catholic roots and I slowly shifted to a more personal kind of spirituality. In my early 20s, it wasn't really a conscious choice - I just slowly opened myself up to different routes in building a relationship with God, and as I did so, I found myself leaning toward creating oneness between myself and the Universe.
Let me try to explain that further. The Universe is governed by natural and physical laws and/or principles, and one of them is that you get back the energy you emit - karma to some people. If you throw out positive energy to the Universe, you can expect to get it back - and the same idea applies when you emit negative energy. This awareness of the law of action-reaction governs my actions and my decisions.

Although I don't necessarily subscribe to Catholicism anymore, I didn't forget the good it has taught me. I took what makes sense in the simplest way and I try to apply them (I've failed often but I'll never stop trying). I'm not a proponent of customs and rituals, but I am all for kindness, for gratefulness, and for love. If there's one thing I believe in now, it's that the only true religion is being a good person.


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