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Some may argue that libraries have become less relevant because we're already in the digital age, but as an old soul, I refuse to subscribe to that belief. I will always, always choose a book over an e-book. I previously shared that it's my ultimate dream to have a home library, and I will make that happen no matter what.
Bodleian (photo from the internet)
Alexandrina (photo from the internet)
New York (photo from the internet)
Stuttgart (photo from the internet)
Another dream is to visit the world's most incredible libraries, starting with the New York Public Library. I've seen it in one too many movies, and I promise to visit the place and write a letter to my Mom in the Rose Main Reading Room.

Next on my list is  Bodleian Library in Oxford, where Oscar Wilde and William Morris spent time reading and writing. More than the collection of books, it's the history of the place that really appeals to me. I guess I'm hoping that I'll get inspired to write my a piece of literature, whether poetry or prose, within these halls when I do visit.

The other libraries I wish to visit are Stuttgart City Library (Stuttgart, Germany), Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria, Egypt), George Peabody Library (Baltimore, Maryland, USA), and The Royal Library (Copenhagen, Denmark), nicknamed Black Diamond because its facade is made of black granite bisected by a clear glass atrium.

I still have plenty of local destinations that I plan to cross off my bucket list, but while I'm backpacking across the country, I'm also going to simultaneously work and save up for tickets to visit these wonderful places! :)


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