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On good months, I go through journals like a hot knife through butter. And my most recent one, Joandrea, is down to its last few pages. I stopped by Powerbooks last December to prepare for the inevitable, but I couldn't find a notebook that I could lovingly call my journal for the coming months. The same day, however, when I got home, I unearthed a notebook that Jerry gave to me as a gift when he got back from his vacation last May.
It's an old leather-bound pocket notebook with grids. This is the first time I will be using a journal with graphing lines (I almost always go for blank paper - I'm not particularly fond of ruled pages that limit what or how I write), and already I'm thinking of playing with sketches. Good thing I have plenty of pencils lying around at home - maybe I'll be able to draw something that doesn't end up looking like a squished cockroach.

Since it's a pocket notebook, I'm projecting I'll only have it for about four months, tops. I hope I get to fill it with positive thoughts, stories, and memories this year.


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