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And I'm delighted to have been part of it. Congratulations, Edwin and Joy!
Love, love, love
Last May, when we went to Boracay, Ed heard me sing for the first time (after being friends for years before that, whut?!?!) - and on the spot, he asked me to sing for his brother's wedding. I said yes, of course. :) The wedding took place last December 13, 2014 (12-13-14, too cool!) in Marikina.

Compared to corporate events, I feel more pressured to be at my best when I sing for weddings. It's not that I don't hold myself to high standards of excellence when I do corporate gigs - I do. But I know that in a year (or maybe even just a few months), the employees I sang for will become part of other events and they may or may not even remember my face, my name, or my voice.

A wedding happens only once in a lifetime (for most people, that is), and my performance will be part of one of the biggest occasions in the couple's life. That being said, I would like for the couple (and even the guests) to remember that day to be perfect and beautiful, hopefully with a little help from the music I shared with them.
With the Best Man!
Thank you, Ed, for letting me be part of this wonderful occasion in your family's life. :)


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