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Kids born in the late 1990s mostly do not know what a cassette tape is. To the uninformed, a cassette tape was, once upon a time, the most popular means to store music - once upon a time, there were no iPods. My parents were big music junkies, and together they amassed a huge cassette tape collection with all the best music of their time. To the unaware, here is what a cassette tape looks like:
If like me, you miss the good old days but you've already grown accustomed to the comforts of more recent technology, a shop called Make It Up in The Podium would be the perfect solution for you: they can convert your old cassette tape into an MP3 player! Just bring any standard cassette tape, and for only Php1,500, you'll walk out with a really cool recycled music player.

Too bad I no longer have my cassette tape of Queen's greatest hits album - I would have wanted to convert that. I also wasn't able to keep any of my folks' collection. But Make It Up has quite a lot of tapes there, and I believe you can pick one for your MP3 player. I've actually got my eye on Poison's Look What the Cat Dragged In, but I didn't have the cash at the time of my visit.

This makes a great gift, if you ask me (Christmas is over but there are plenty of other occasions to choose from). They don't just convert cassette tapes - they also turn suitcases into Bluetooth speakers! This place is an old soul musician's heaven, so if you are one, drop by Make It Up in The Podium, Oritgas Center when you can. :)


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