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The last time I had a gig was December 12, for my friend Ed's brother's wedding. When we were heading home, my guitarist Jethro and I talked about changing a few things for 2015. Weddings are good business, but as with any entrepreneurial endeavor, I have to invest time and resources in order to make it sustainable.

So right then and there, Jethro and I agreed to have regular rehearsals, whether or not we actually have an upcoming gig. We'll develop a repertoire composed of songs that are usually requested by couples tying the knot - the "staples," so to speak. We'll practice once a month, but if there's a gig, then of course we'll have to do more than that.
Musical year!
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We're also thinking of recording and compiling demos. We've collaborated on three weddings already, but we don't have a single audio or video recording of our performances. In the same way graphic artists or writers have their portfolios, we're building our own to help us market our musical services. Haha!

Hoping for more gigs in 2015! Cheers!


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