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Yesterday, I talked about how technology is helping me with my BJJ journey. And now I'm going to talk about how technology, again, is helping me - this time, with my further education in music! Spotify is awesome! I'm too cheap to get a premium subscription, so yes, I have to put up with ads in between songs. But I don't mind those pesky ads if it means discovering great new music.
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I'm a sucker for indie acts, and Spotify is a great way to listen to fresh music from all over the planet. I usually pick soundtracks of US television shows (like Suits), because it's from there that I get to discover artists I've not heard of before. While I know I'll always prefer old music (jazz standards and classical), I still appreciate music hot off the studio - granted, of course, that it's really worth a listen.

The downside, apart from the ads? Well, the bucket list of the musicians I have to hear live before I die just got longer. WAY longer. Haha!


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