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If there's one occasion I love more than my birthday or Christmas, it's the NEW YEAR! Everyone could use a fresh start every now and then, and there's no better time to turn over a new leaf than the start of a brand new year. 
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2014 is now a thing of the past, and it's time to let go of it completely whether or not it was a good year for you. If 2014 wasn't your year, then 2015 is your chance to make changes. Leave behind the negativity, but be sure to hang on to the lessons you learned and bring it with you as you continue your journey.

If 2014 was a good year, let it go, still. Don't make the mistake of getting stuck in the glory of your past - that is one sure way to miss out on all the great opportunities life has to offer. Be humble enough to accept that not everything you will embark on will be better than the last, but be careful not to lose the drive to at least try.
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Have a great year ahead, folks! May 2015 be better than your 2014. :)


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