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Those who say that Filipiniana isn't fashionable enough for everyday wear obviously aren't updated. And as for formal Filipiniana, well, let's just say that the country's Ms. Universe bet MJ Lastimosa probably didn't know where to look. Haha! She should've stopped by Tesoros before the pageant.

Tesoros, a name synonymous with the best of native Filipino products, is now more than a handicrafts shop - it's the go-to place for authentic handcrafted (and proudly Filipino-made) clothing and accessories! I was pleasantly surprised to see the new collection when I visited the newly-renovated flagship store along Arnaiz St. (formerly Pasay Road) last week.
Newly-renovated facade
Casual pants
The Stamp
I can say this without ego: I have an eye for good quality handiwork! Having spent a huge part of my childhood in Paete, Laguna, dubbed "Bayan ng Malikhain" (roughly translated, "Town of the Creative"), I've always had an appreciation for handicrafts. My background has made me so picky that I'd rather pay a premium for good work than get less than my money's worth by going cheap. Tesoros offers a wide range of native products that really give you a bang for your buck. :)

On the same day of my visit, Tesoros was celebrating the birth centennial of Salud S. Tesoro, the woman who built the business from the ashes of World War II. With her husband Nestor, she opened their first store in Escolta in 1945. Initially called "Sally's Gift Shop," the business was eventually renamed Tesoros. An appropriate move, since their surname is the Spanish word for treasure.

For all that she's done for the industry, Salud was dubbed "Mother of Philippine Handicrafts." She is a recipient of the Presidential Award of Merit, conferred by former President Ferdinand Marcos, as well as of the Agora Award, and the Management Association of the Philippines Award for Excellence, to name a few. And on her 100th birth anniversary, the Philippine Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp in her honor! This isn't the first time that Tesoros has been given such an honor - a few years back, one of its signature products, the Philippine Pina handkerchief, also got featured on a Philippine stamp.

If you ever find yourself unsure where to score your Filipiniana clothing, accessories, and other loot, Tesoros is the one-stop-shop you can go to. :)


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