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... from all the poultry products I've been consuming. I'm not a fan of meat in general (with the exception of bacon because bacon is bacon is bacon is love is bacon is awesome - what?!?!), but it's not because I'm health-conscious or something like that (I have a love-hate relationship with junk food). I just find chicken breast and eggs easier to cook and easier to eat. And oh, the protein doesn't hurt one bit! :)

Because I love chicken, I said yes when my friend Franco asked if I wanted to have our post-workout meal in Senor Pollo (after boxing at Fitbox) instead of our usual Erra's Ramen. Haha! Two of his friends in Deftac, whose names I can't remember because I am an awful person, met us there and we ordered enough food to feed an army. Well, maybe not an army, but it was definitely more than what average people would consume.
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:) :)
Anyway, Senor Pollo is a Latin American chicken joint from the same people behind El Chupacabra (another place I must write about for being awesome!). It's located in Ebro St., Poblacion, Makati City - a fifteen-minute walk from my condo! They have another branch in Tomas Morato, Quezon City (that opened first, actually).

The Latin-style roasted chicken was divine - as could be expected, I suppose, since the restaurant is called Senor Pollo - but the sides were just as good. I had rice and fries because I'm a sucker for carbs, and that probably explains why I just couldn't get rid of my muffintop no matter how much I work out. Haha!

It's not exactly cheap for me to eat here - a meal could easily cost you around Php300 to Php500 - but you definitely get a bang for your buck. :) If you haven't tried it, I suggest you bring a healthy appetite when you do visit (you may even want to work out before you go). :)


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