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#RJSxPDL is the most beautiful wedding I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

It wasn’t because of the perfect sunset, although it was definitely a nice touch to the ceremonies. It wasn’t because of the breathtaking wedding dress that accentuated the bride’s glow. It wasn’t because of the reception, but I must point out that Edmund’s antics were a huge hit among the guests. It wasn’t because of the fact that every detail was curated, giving the entire occasion a very personal touch. 
Like energy, theirs is a love that endures. It remains constant but at the same time adapts to change.
(photo stolen from John's Facebook account)
What made the wedding truly wonderful is the COUPLE, whom you can tell at first glance couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. You could really bask in the love that these two have for one another, and one couldn't help but just be happy being there. I'm not big on romance, but man, even the ruthless pragmatist in me turned into mush.

Time stood still that day, not just for the couple, but for the family and friends who celebrated with them. Every single detail of that perfect afternoon by the sea is seared in our memories forever.

Their personal vows made everyone melt; we laughed and cried and cheered as they both admitted when they really knew the other was “the one.” And yes, John was smitten first – we can put that debate to rest! Haha!

I listened intently to both John and Pauline as they struggled to read their vows through tears of sheer joy, and what struck me is how they thought of the other as the “generous one” in their relationship. I shared an apartment with Pauline a few years back, and whenever we’d talk about John, she would always tell me that he is the most generous person she has ever met. She often said she wished she had John’s generosity, so I imagine she must have been so surprised to hear John tell everyone that she was the generous one. 

Not that I needed any more convincing, but hearing that in their vows just made me even more certain that John and Pauline have “happily ever after” in the bag. 

I’ve known Pauline since we were young, and although she has always been an amazing person, I have to say that she bloomed even more when she fell in love with John, who is just as extraordinary. He brings out the best in her, and she does the exact same thing for him. The two are polar opposites (in his vows, John thanked Pauline for being his opposite), and that’s precisely why they’re perfect for one another. They’re exactly what the other needs, and they know it.

They say that everything’s going to change once the ink is dry on the marriage contract. But with these two, I know some things will stay the same – chief among them is how they constantly help each other grow into the best versions of themselves. Like energy, theirs is a love that endures; it remains constant but at the same time adapts to change. 

Congratulations, John and Pauline! <3 And oh, happy birthday, John! :)


Note to the reader: There's really so much more I want to say - about the couple, and about the wedding - but I'm still overwhelmed by their wonderful wedding. I'll need more time to gather and sort my thoughts. Consider this a preview. :)

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