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One random day last January, I was so exhausted from office work that I wanted to just go home and plop on to my bed. But then I remembered that I had a big goal for this year - to become healthier, stronger, and fitter - I pushed myself to get off my lazy ass and head to the boxing gym (I did jiu-jitsu the night before).

I asked my officemate Gabby about Elorde Elite, one of the newest boxing gyms around, and he gave me directions - apparently, it's very near work! I just walked from Benavidez St. to Esteban St. in Legaspi Village, and although it was already past nine, they let me work out. Since it was my first time there, I got the trial rate of Php250 for boxing.
Nicest ring I've ever boxed in
Big open area for drils
FYI: the regular rate for non-members is Php350 for boxing, but if you pay the membership fee of Php2,000.00 for one year, each session will only cost you Php200. And if you buy ten sessions in advance, you only pay Php150 for each!

Since it was already late, I was one of five people training - this meant I enjoyed focused instruction from the coach. My session was overseen my Coach Sam, and he drilled me just as hard on footwork as he did on punching. He pointed out that I "punch like a man" (he elaborated that he meant it was strong) despite having relatively thin arms. That's a good thing, right? :)

Anyway, about the gym - the very first thing I noticed is that it's HUGE. I'm mildly claustrophobic (I never liked elevators even if I've lived in condos for the most part of my adult life), so I have great appreciation for wide open spaces. It's not air conditioned but it's still very comfortable because the air circulates freely. The bathrooms are clean (I hope they get to maintain this!), too! :)

For the same reason I enrolled in DEFTAC Makati instead of BAMF MMA Center for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I'm currently considering signing up for regular boxing classes here because it's near where I live and work - it's just so much more practical. Elorde Elite is located in 109 Esteban St. (the green building), Legaspi Village, Makati.


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