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Fat. Fat is what I got last Christmas. So when Franco texted me on January 2 that we were going to train in Fight Factory Greenhills (nope, he wasn't asking), I didn't even try to resist. I said OK and I packed my boxing gear in my gym bag. I thought about doing jiu-jitsu but I changed my mind when he told me it was no gi day.
Welcome back!
There were a lot of people in the gym, which is usually the case every January - everyone's trying to get rid of the holiday gut! Haha! I actually had to wait for my turn on the ring, but I didn't mind - I had with me a copy of BJ Penn's Why I Fight, and I killed time by reading. No time wasted, yay!

I didn't get to work out much over the holidays, so I'll admit I was sluggish when I was put on the ring: I wasn't punching as hard as I normally do, and I also tired easily. But I didn't beat myself up for it - I just enjoyed my workout! Being there also helped me get my mind off smoking - I had my last stick in December 31, 2014 and I've been taking active measures to kick the habit for good. :)

Boxing was a great prelude to my first jiu-jitsu class the following Monday in Deftac Makati. :) I do hope that the next time I visit Fight Factory Greenhills, it will be for jiu-jitsu! :)


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