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I spent Christmas Eve with Alfred and his wonderful family. I showed up at their doorstep with a bottle of wine and an empty stomach ready for its fill, haha! But seriously now, Alfred invited me when I told him that I didn't have any other plans, and I had an awesome time there. :) The food was absolutely divine, and of course I did not hold back! The lasagna was sooooooo good - I must have had about three servings (hopefully without anyone noticing)!
Thank you, Franco!
Franco showed up at around 4:30am from another party, and he came bearing gifts! He gave me and Alfred jiu-jitsu belts (white and blue, respectively), and I jumped up and down the next thirty minutes out of sheer joy. For training, I used a tae kwon do belt I bought from a sporting goods store for only Php200.00. I've been wanting to get a real belt, but I didn't know where to buy, and I heard it's pretty expensive - about north of two grand, or so they say. So I was just crazy stupid happy that I got one as a gift, yay! :)

I felt like a kid who's excited about going to school in a new uniform when I showed up at Deftac Makati in January 5, with my money for classes, my 31 Fifty gi, and my brand spanking new belt! Not that I needed the belt to get excited about this new journey, but it definitely helped! Thank you so much, Franco Brother Bear!!!


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