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Save for one time I twisted my ankle playing basketball, I've never really had major sports-related injuries. I hurt my right wrist in boxing some time last year, but it didn't affect my performance in any way - granted, of course, that I tape it before I put on my wraps. Last January, however, on my third BJJ lesson for the year, I sustained the worst injury I've had so far - a bruised rib.

Franco gave me one-on-one lessons at BAMF MMA Center, and Alfred happened to be there. After the session, Alfred and I were just chatting and he told me to roll with him. I agreed, of course - Alfred gives me pointers when we roll, and since I'm very new to BJJ, I appreciate any form of instruction.
But I'm still a weakling, so my body is not prepared to withstand pressure from the likes of Alfred. And I'm not really equipped with the technical knowledge that would help me worm my way out. So seconds under his side mount, I frantically tapped out because I couldn't breathe. However, since there was no submission attempt from his end, he refused to get off me right away. I kept trying to get out but I just didn't know how.

And the next thing I knew, his knee was on my belly. My rib got bruised from that move - maybe because my torso is embarrassingly short. I didn't feel injured until I woke up the next day. There was a sharp, piercing pain in my lower right rib each time I moved. I had to hold it in place with my hand when walking. With that injury, along with bruises in my arms and legs, people joked that I was a battered girlfriend.

I tried to train the following Monday, but minutes into the session, Coach Joel told me to stay put and heal. I stayed in the gym until class was over, and during that time, I Googled rib injuries. I read that some people get sidelined anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks, and the thought of not being able to do jiu-jitsu or boxing for that long really made me cry (I was talking to a friend about it, then I started crying, and I think he panicked a bit, haha!).

Franco and my other teammate Marcus advised me to ice it three to four times a day, twenty minutes at a time. I did as I was told, of course. I also consulted my friend Raf, an orthopedic surgeon, and he texted me a prescription for painkillers and an anti-inflammatory. But I know that more than the meds, I needed my mind to push my body to heal.

That's actually why, despite my injury, I'd show up at the gym and watch people train. Being there kept me focused - I didn't want to sit around at home when I could learn by watching and listening. I'm on this journey for the long haul, and I refuse to let an injury stop me.


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