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I've been part of the MMA industry - the business side - since March of last year, and for that, I didn't really need to do a lot of introspection; I just wanted to contribute to the growth of the sport in the country. As I made my way through that world, however, my curiosity got the better of me. I started with boxing, and now I'm also learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I'm toying with the idea of competing in BJJ. And some nights, I dream about getting in the cage for an MMA fight.
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My friend Franco lent me his copy of Sam Sheridan's book, "A Fighter's Heart," when I told him that I've made a decision to embark on a journey in the world of martial arts. At the time he handed over the book to me, I was still reading BJ Penn's Why I Fight, which, as I have mentioned, taught me a thing or two about MMA as a business in addition to helping me understand my own reasons for taking this path.

Two chapters in and I couldn't put the book down anymore - it's that good. I daresay it's better-written than BJ Penn's, haha! And as a freshly-minted fighting enthusiast, I feel that this will be a better book for me to understand what I'm really getting myself into. :) If, like me, you want to start a journey in fighting, this just might be the book that will guide you.

I'll write about it again when I'm done reading. :)


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