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A week after sustaining a mild rib injury in BJJ training, Franco picked me up from my condo so I could "sit in" during training at DEFTAC Makati. I still wasn't in good enough shape to join them, but I wanted to be there even if all I could do was watch - I believed that being in that environment, seeing other people do something that I'm really enthusiastic about learning and would help me heal faster.

Anyway, when I got in the car, Franco told me that he has something for me at the back. I thought it would be puzzle mats because I've been bugging him to lend a few pieces to me so that I can bug my neighbor Miko to teach me techniques at home (I think I've grown quite addicted to the sport, haha!), but Franco kept saying no - he insists that I train at the gym. He still didn't bring me the mats, but he brought me something just as awesome:

An office chair to match my new old desk!
When we went to Fight Factory Greenhills at the start of 2015, I asked Franco if we could pass by HMR so I could look for an office chair (I've been looking around furniture shops, too, but because I wasn't buying for my own home just yet, I decided a second-hand one would be best for now). He told me that they had an extra office chair lying around their home that he could sell to me - he just needs to ask his mom, Tita Mitch, for the price.

I completely forgot about the chair after that, so when he brought it over, I was completely surprised! I asked him how much Tita Mitch agreed to sell it to me for, and his response just made me and my icy heart melt: "Kung kay Isay naman, bigay mo na." Translation: If it's for Isay, just give it to her. WOW. I'm almost always with her children (Franco, JR, and occasionally, even Ate Noemi), but I've only met her once, and I'm extremely grateful for her kindness. :)

Last week, I wrote about having a nice new old desk, and I'm happy that this week, I'm talking  about the other half, the missing piece that completes my writing space. Thank you, Tita Mitch and the rest of the Rullodas, for this wonderful gift! :) Everything I will ever write from this point forward, I owe in part to you. :)


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