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I previously wrote that I bought a copy of BJ Penn's Why I Fight when I was in Rockwell Powerplant Mall for a work thing, and at the time I blogged about it, I was only a few pages in. Now I'm done reading it, and I picked up a lot of things about how UFC, the world's biggest MMA promotion, got started.

As I am also trying to start a similar company (but in the pro-am category only) with two friends, Why I Fight became an unexpected textbook for me! Penn detailed his experiences fighting in the UFC as much as he talked about growing up "scrapping" in Hawaii, and it is from his account that I learned some new things about how they do business.
Good read.
I'm not saying I'm going to take the same route as the Fertittas and Dana White. For starters, I don't have the same capital. And I also don't plan to get involved in professional MMA - I'd like to stick to the grassroots level. But it was still good to learn how they approached the business venture - I'll mimic what they did right, and I'll try to avoid their mistakes (specifically how they favored some fighters over the other).

One more thing - BJ Penn is one fighter who isn't afraid to speak his mind, even if it puts him in a bad light or makes him unpopular. That made me respect him - more than as a fighter, but as a person. I started reading Why I Fight in the hopes of finding some guidance in my journey, and I got exactly what I wanted - and then some.


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