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In the days leading to my friend Pauline's wedding to the love of her life, John, we had a "sleepover" (no actual sleep occurred) in her condo unit in Eastwood City (where I used to stay with her). Khaela, Pauline's younger sister, and J-Sio, our good friend and former neighbor (and my former officemate) joined us that evening, which ended at almost 5AM.

Since Pauline was about to get married then (they already tied the knot last Feb. 2), one of the topics of our conversation was the music for the ceremonies, the reception, and the after-party! I was supposed to sing at the wedding - Pauline requested that I cover Adele's Make You Feel My Love - but when I also agreed to do the reading at the ceremonies and to be one of the co-hosts of the reception, the song number was taken out of my task list. Haha! :)
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Back to the so-called sleepover, Pauline made us listen to the Vitamin String Quartet, an all-instrumental group based in Los Angeles, California. They basically play pop songs, but they do more than just cover - they play up the arrangement to make the songs classical (and in most cases more beautiful). Their cover of U2's Beautiful Day just made my heart melt! <3

Other songs they covered were just as awesome, including I Miss You by Incubus! We ended the night (well, morning) playing Name That Tune, and that gave us an idea for a game during the wedding reception! :)

Anyway, if you're ever in need of a refreshing break from run-of-the-mill pop music, hit YouTube for the Vitamin String Quartet and let them knock your socks off. :)


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