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My mother used to listen to British band Tears for Fears, the group behind the crazy popular hit, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." For some reason, though, their music didn't really stick with me all that much, and it was only over a year ago, when I moved to Makati, that I got to hear another one of their songs, "Woman in Chains" through my flatmate. I'm sure I've heard it as a kid because it sounded familiar, but I didn't really know it.
Tears for Fears feat. Oleta Adams
I took up a course in feminist literature back in college, and I guess that's part of the reason why, when I heard the song again, it finally made an impression on me. In patriarchal societies, including our own, women are often oppressed. The lines "calls her man the Great White Hope / says she's fine, she'll always cope" is interpreted as a woman suffering from domestic abuse (boxer James Jeffries was dubbed The Great White Hope after he defeated African-American Jack Johnson).

On the flipside, however, it is because of the same societal pressure that men are forced to repress their feminine side - and that could also be the so-called woman in chains. This is the woman that he needs to free - the woman inside him.

Both interpretations work, and for me, that makes the song even more beautiful. If you haven't heard it, click on the video below:
What about you? What's your take?


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