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I can't remember what day it was, but when I was once again fresh out of the corporate world, I found myself in San Antonio Village, having a couple of drinks with my Creative Director and  his partner in their home while discussing the writing projects he has for me (grateful that you kept me in mind, TL! I love writing for you!).

My plan was to go home right after, but everyone knows that plans change. So at around 3am, when we were craving for post-alcohol sustenance, we ended up in Ziggurat Cuisine, an Indian, Mediterranean, African, and Middle Eastern fusion restaurant in Poblacion, Makati City.
That name, tho
The menu was overwhelming for the first-timer, so I had the waiter walk me through it. It was the size of a newspaper spread, and the fonts were just as small! Haha! Anyway, I ended up playing safe (like I always do with food) - I had the chicken kebab, and I ordered flat bread on the side. TL and Miggs both had beef kebab, I think. Haha!
TL reading the news/menu
In my lifetime, I haven't eaten in a lot of restaurants serving this specific cuisine, so I guess I'm not really an authority. But I know good food when I eat it, and the chicken kebab served to me in Ziggurat was the best I've had so far. :) If you like Mediterranean food, I highly recommend this place.
Ancient rivers!
History geeks will appreciate the choice of the restaurant's name, given its exact address in Makati - it's at the intersection of Tigris and Euphrates! To the unaware, ziggurats were these terraced step pyramids built in the ancient Mesopotamian valley, and several of them usually make up a temple complex. Some can still be found in modern-day Iraq and Iran.


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