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I've been to Siquijor twice, but the first time I was there, I only took a day trip. The second time, however, I made sure that I was going to stay overnight, and it was the best decision ever! :) Not only did I get to visit new places (including the mangrove nursery and the spring park), I also got to spend more time at each stop because I wasn't rushing to catch the ferry back to Dumaguete the same day.

Our tour guide, Kuya Charlie, brought us to Replica Manor after our day tour. We asked him where we could book accommodations for the night (I'm not the type who makes reservations ahead - I think that that makes local travel less of an adventure, haha!), and he told us that it was a good place.  I wanted to stay at JJ's but Franco's a bit iffy about backpacker places - he's very particular about privacy.

I'm glad we took his word for it, because the place was indeed very nice. Far from luxurious, but nice. It was located near the beach, so we took a stroll before dinner, and another one before breakfast the next day - with a local dog to boot! The tide was low in the afternoon - the beach was white and wide, but you can't really do any real swimming. In the morning, the waters are a bit deeper, but we opted not to swim - we just watched the sunrise instead.

If you're looking to visit Siquijor and you need a tour guide, I'd like to recommend the services of Kuya Charlie - you may reach him through his mobile number, +63 (916) 202 8043. And if you're looking for a place to stay, you won't really run out of options whatever your budget is! At Php850 a night (half that, actually because I split the tab with Franco), Replica Manor tops my list of mid-range places. :)


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