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The Friday before my friend Pauline's wedding, the Accounts people of Publicis Manila's Division 3 decided to have a fancy lunch at Wildflour Bakery + Cafe along L.P. Leviste St. in Salcedo Village, Makati City. Although I was supposed to don a tight, backless white dress the coming Sunday, the temptation to order bacon was just too strong.
It was a bad decision, but it was one I won't ever regret. That bacon was well-worth the subsequent muffintop that will forever haunt the pictures taken of me at the wedding. Haha! Although nothing could ever take the place of my Purefoods Honeycured Bacon, the one in Wildflour will be the staple bacon for milestones in my adult life.

I have yet to try other items on the menu, but based on what I was able to try so far, along with the glowing reviews from bloggers and the long line that day we went, I'm willing to bet it everything's delicious. Although it's a bit pricey, but the food is definitely worth every penny.

If you work in Makati and you're looking for a place for your next payday lunch, treat yourself to a meal at Wildflour Bakery + Cafe. And in case you've not tried the bacon, I beg you to do so. You'll thank me for it. :)


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